Tuesday, May 1, 2018

How to save $20,916 on your mortgage loan!

Mortgage Quest
a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc.

Did you know that you will pay $20,916 over the life of a mortgage loan for every .25% higher interest rate charged?*

Are you getting a Good, Fair or Great Rate?

Having worked for a few of the large banks and mortgage banking firms prior to starting Mortgage Quest in May 2000, I learned how and why these mortgage companies need to mark-up their rates that are offered to the public: large overhead expenses including office salaries, commissions, large rent/office space, several layers of management, extra quality control costs due to large staffing, etc.

Mortgage Quest was established with a business model that has reduced these large expenses so that our operating margins are the lowest in the industry and the need to mark-up interest rates was eliminated:
  • I personally controlling our pricing model which generally saves our clients up to .25% - .50% or more on their rate versus the competition.

Visit me at www.McCormickLendingGroup.com to see how I can offer this.  Also, if you have a client that is shopping for the best mortgage terms I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer a rate/fee quote!

Bob McCormick, President

Toll Free 800-328-0144
Email- McCormickLending@gmail.com

Lending in Arizona and California

* Example based on a 4.5% versus 4.75%, 30 year fixed rate loan at $400,000 loan amount.  Savings will depend on loan amount, term and rate

NMLS 175743 AZMB 0903631 CADBO 602J043  Equal Housing Lender

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