Wholesale Interest Rates For Our Clients!

Mortgage Quest
a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc.

Low Overhead + Low Margins = Low Rates

For the past 20 years we have built amazing business relationship agreements with large and small banks, mortgage wholesalers, portfolio and direct mortgage banks. Being that we handle the origination and loan processing for these sources we receive Wholesale Interest Rates which are discounted from Retail Rates (rates offered from bank branches, direct mortgage lenders, retail mortgage bankers, etc.).

As the sole owner/loan officer I control our pricing model and do not need to mark up or "pad" these low rates as there are no loan officer employee commission splits, large overhead expenses, etc. Thus, these rates are passed on to my clients generally saving them .25-.50% or more on their rate versus the competition (with the same or lower fees).

Bob McCormick, President
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Lending in Arizona and California

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