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"Don't Overpay For Your Mortgage"


Mortgage Quest

a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc.

It's Pretty Simple: Low Overhead + Low Margins = Low Rates!

Over 21 years ago, after working for large banks and mortgage banking companies, I figured out how to operate a mortgage company utilizing a business model which allows us to offer ultra-low interest rates for our clients. As the owner I personally control our pricing model which keeps our rates generally .25+ lower than the competition with the same fees and costs! 

To see how we operate differently visit us at:

Bob McCormick, President
Call Toll Free 800 328-0144

Residential (Jumbo- Fannie- Freddie- FHA/VA)
Portfolio (Bank Statement- Asset Depletion for Income)
Reverse Mortgages (Low Margins and No Origination Fee options)
Lending in California and Arizona 
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Alternative/Portfolio Underwriting Guidelines - Currently Available!

Mortgage Quest a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc. Even though our business model focuses on offering Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac and FHA/VA interest rates generally .25-50% lower than the competition we also offer these loan options to help your buyer's secure financing: * IRA distribution income no seasoning *Utilize Liquid Assets in Lieu of Income for Qualifying *Clients Over 62 Years Old With Low Income- Utilize a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase *Cross Collateral  Loan Program (No Downpayment Required) *Portfolio Underwriting  Feel free to contact me or visit us at   Bob McCormick, President Toll Free 800-328-0144  Lending in Arizona and California "Don't Overpay For Your Mortgage" AZMB#0903631 / CA CFL #603J043 / NMLS# 175743 179756

The Difference Between Wholesale and Retail Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Quest a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc. Wholesale Vs. Retail Mortgage Rates Explained We work with several banks. mortgage wholesalers and mortgage bankers that allow us to shop rates for our clients.  Being that we do all of the processing for these sources we receive Wholesale Rates which are always discounted from Retail Rates (rates offered from bank branches, direct mortgage lenders, servicers etc.). There can be a large variance (both positive and negative) between lenders on a daily basis on the Wholesale Rate as they compete for market share.  Thus, being that we have several sources to choose from for our client we always have aggressive rate options. Once we close a loan for our client the loan is then serviced by the bank, lender or servicing company.  At times they have a Retail division that may solicit the client or make it seem that they can streamline the mortgage process as they currently have the loan in their servicing department.  But, wit

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Mortgage Quest a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc. Low Overhead + Low Margins = Low Rates Without question mortgage rates are a very hot topic.. Interest rates remain very, very low and many have already taken advantage of these incredible rates.   One common question that  I am often asked  is how I can generally offer a lower rate than the homeowner's current lender/servicer (even though I may have originally closed the original loan for the homeowner with this same servicer)? As a wholesale broker I receive wholesale rates which are generally .25%+ or $2,500 lower in costs than a homeowner's current loan servicer will offer directly as they price rates as "retail" and not "wholesale". Their hope is that the homeowner does not question the fact the loan servicer is only handling the mortgage payments (most of the time Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD or VA owns or insured the loan) and a  brand new loan  has to be originated on any refinance.  Ironically, I