Friday, March 9, 2018

"Don’t Overpay For Your Mortgage"

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It's Pretty Simple: Low Overhead + Low Margins = Low Rates

Seventeen years ago, after working for large banks and mortgage banking companies, I figured out how to operate a mortgage company utilizing a business model which allows us to offer ultra-low interest rates for our clients.  As the owner I control our pricing model which keeps our rates generally .25-.50%+ lower than the competition!  Also, we are able to offer free and unlimited rate floatdowns after a loan is locked ensuring the lowest rate possible for our clients.

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Bob McCormick, President

Lending in Arizona and California 

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Cross Collateral Loan Program

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Even though our business model focuses on offering interest rates generally .25-50% lower than the competition we now also offer this loan option to help our clients secure financing:
Cross Collateral Loan Program
This program allows our clients to use the equity in their current home to purchase or construct a new home by obtaining ONE loan against the new property and the existing property combined.  When the existing property is sold and the principal balance is reduced the exisiting property is released and the loan is re-amortized over the remaining term; No refinancing is needed!
  • ONE loan, which is secured by the new property and current residence
  • May be able to borrower up to 100% of the new home and closing costs
  • Provides ability to make a non-contingent offer

Feel free to contact me or visit us at www.McCormickLendingGroup.com 

Bob McCormick, President


Toll Free 800-328-0144
Email  McCormickLending@gmail.com
 Lending in Arizona and California

"Don't Overpay For Your Mortgage"

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