Sunday, May 27, 2018

Low Overhead + Low Margins = Extremely Low Rates For Our Clients!

Mortgage Quest

a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc.

Having worked for a few of the large banks and mortgage banking firms prior to starting Mortgage Quest in May 2000, I learned how and why these mortgage companies need to mark-up their rates that are offered to the public: large overhead expenses including office salaries, commissions, large rent/office space, several layers of management, extra quality control costs due to large staffing, etc.
Mortgage Quest was established with a business model that has reduced these large expenses so that our operating margins are the lowest in the industry and the need to mark-up interest rates was eliminated:
  • By being the sole-owner/ loan originator for Mortgage Quest our pricing model is the lowest in the industry. Generally saving our clients up to .25% - .50% or more on their rate versus the competition.

Visit me at www.McCormickLendingGroup.com to see how I can offer this.  Also, if you have a client or a friend that is shopping for the best mortgage terms I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to offer a rate/fee quote!

Bob McCormick, President

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Lending in Arizona and California

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Few Of The Benefits That We Offer Our Clients!

Mortgage Quest

a dba of McCormick Lending Group, Inc

A Reminder On A Few Benefits That We Offer:

*As the owner I personally control our pricing model.  This enables us to offer market leading rates, generally .25-.50% lower than the competition! (with same or lower fees)

*We hedge our lenders and investors so we are able to lock in the rate upfront to be safe, but we can float down the rate for FREE if rates improve throughout the process enabling our clients to obtain the best rate possible!

*We offer In-House Bridge Loans for clients who want to purchase prior to selling their current home!

I am always available to help answer any questions and your referrals are greatly appreciated!

Bob McCormick, President


Call Toll Free 800 328-0144 or
Email  McCormicklending@gmail.com

Bob McCormick, President

Lending in Arizona and California 

nmls 175743 azmb 0903631  cadbo 603J043 Equal Housing Lender