Reverse Mortgages With No Origination Fees and Interest Rate Caps!

As the owner of Mortgage Quest I personally control our pricing model and have extremely low  margins and costs for our clients!

  • We offer extremely low margins and costs on our Reverse Mortgages  to help preserve as much equity as possible over the life of the loan (most reverse mortgage lenders do not offer this as they want to maximize their own profit)
  • For borrowers over 55+ years old looking to purchase or refinance
  • Only have to qualify to prove ability to pay annual property taxes and insurance
  • You always keep title and own your home
  • Access to a Line of Credit that grows over time
  • No Origination, Title and Underwriting Fee Options Available

Bob McCormick, President

Office 800-328-0144
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Lending in Arizona and California 

14362 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd 1000
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

23 Corporate Plaza Dr. #150
Newport Beach, CA 92660


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